Ephesians Chapter One - How Blessed Are We in Christ
Pastor Patrick Herring
Ephesians Series
Ephesians Chapter Two - Alive in Christ
Ephesians Chapter Three - The Mystery of the Church
Ephesians Chapter Four- Walk Like a Man of God
Ephesians Chapter Five - Live Like a Saint
Ephesians Chapter Six - Stand Like a Soldier
Ephesians Chapter Six Cont. - Dress For Battle
The Message of the Cross

Am I Dead?
Carry the Cross
Philippians Series
We're In This Together With Christ
In It Till the End
In The Mind of Christ
In The Likeness of Christ
In The Joy of the Lord
Whatsoever Things
Riches in Christ
Three Surprises
Mark 2:1-12
Colossians Series
The World and All 
Who Dwell in It.
A Great Secret From A Great Savior
Deep Roots
Set Free!
Fake Religion
Living the New Life in Christ
What Do I Do Now?
Pray Hard
Blessings From the King
Matthew 5
Sermon on the Mount
More Blessings From the King
Matthew 5
Shine, Children, Shine!
Matthew 5
To the Nth Degree
Matthew 5
You Have Heard...
Matthew 5
Where to Invest
Matthew 6
What, Me Worry
Matthew 6
Secret Connections
Matthew 6
Judge Judy
Matthew 7
You Asked For It 
Matthew 7
The Electric Fence
Matthew 7
My, What Big Teeth You Have
Matthew 7
The Biggest Miracle
Luke 1:26-31
The Golden Years
Matthew 22:34-40
Walk the Talk
Matthew 7
Rock Solid
Matthew 7
The Great Physician
Matthew 8:1-4
Honor the King
1 Peter 2:13-16
Me and God
Ephesians 1:3-6
To Infinity and Beyond!
Psalm 33:11-15
Hermit or Helper
Ephesians 2:19-22
More Like the Master
1 Peter 2:23-25
Luke 23:32-34
From the Cross
John 20:26-29
Hearing God's Voice
Third Time's A Charm
Clear Out the Clutter!
Invisible Help
The Ultimate Connection
Raise An Ebenezer
Men in Tights
What's A Body To Do?
Helping the Helpless
70% Water
Under Water
Rock Water
Matthew Series
A Voice in the Widlerness
Matthew Chapter Three
The Perfect Example
Matthew Chapter Four
The Rising of the Son
Matthew Chapter Four
The Miracle Man
Matthew Chapter Eight
Friend of Sinners
Matthew Chapter Nine
Persecuted Peculiar People
Matthew Chapter Ten
You Can Trust Me
Matthew Chapter Eleven
Is That Religion?
Matthew Chapter Twelve
Seven Stories
Matthew Chapter Thirteen
Fakes or Family?
Matthew Chapter Twelve Cont.
Seven Stories Continued
Matthew Chapter Thirteen
John and Jesus
Matthew Chapter Fourteen
Walking on Water
Matthew Chapter Fourteen Cont.
In the Beginning God
Matthew Chapter One
The Greatest Miracle
Matthew Chapter One Cont.
Seeing the Star
Matthew Chapter Two
Out of Egypt
Matthew Chapter Two Cont.
Cruel Heart
Matthew Chapter Fifteen
Persistent Love
Matthew Chapter Fifteen Cont.
Matthew Chapter Sixteen
Glory & Grace
Matthew Chapter Seventeen
Who Is He?
Matthew Chapter Sixteen Cont.
First & Last
Matthew Chapter Twenty
Praise and Pretense
Matthew Chapter Twenty-one