It is our desire to provide for the physical and emotional as well as spiritual needs of each child in our nursery.   Our nursery rooms are age-appropriate and staffed with loving caregivers.  We welcome all infants and toddlers up to three years of age during our Sunday morning Bible study hour and our 11:00 AM Service on Sunday mornings. 

Before coming to the nursery
Make sure your child is healthy.  If your child is displaying symptoms of illness, he may not be admitted into the nursery.  Please make sure that you label all of your child's belongings so we can make sure that they are all returned to you.

What to bring
Please include the following in a small diaper bag:
At least two disposable diapers, bottles and or cup, pacifier, change of clothes

Small snacks such as cheerios or crackers and juice may be provided to the children in the nursery.  If for some reason you would prefer that your child not be given a snack, please make sure the nursery caregivers are alerted.

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