We're glad you came to our website.  If you've got some questions about LIFE or you're trying to find some HOPE, click the pictures on this page with those important words.  If you're looking for a  place to join with other Christians in worship, growth and ministry, read about us here and then come join us one Sunday.  Whether you're visiting Disneyland, a relative, a friend, or you've just moved into our neighborhood, we'd love to see you and share Jesus on a more personal level!
Crescent Baptist Church
622 N. Gilbert Street
Anaheim, CA  92801
(714) 535-1313
All meetings have resumed at their usual times.  A healthy enviornment will be provided, and we ask everyone to observe safe health practices .
 There is a place where the most important things in life can be found. Hope, Life, Peace, and Purpose are all found at the cross. You’ve heard about the cross of Jesus, but what makes it so great? The simple word “CROSS” can tell us why. The CROSS, like the “X” which marks the spot, says, “Find it here.” Find it here, at the CROSS, where God loves you and offers you eternal life.
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A Family of Believers Following Christ
Do you need answers to hard questions about faith?  
Water is an amazing thing. It is a life-giving thing that you can help provide to "the least of these."  Pray that God will open eyes, open hearts, and open opportunities for us to let our cups overflow.